What’s up, guys?

Now most of you are probably aware that I live outside of London but spend a lot of time there now with all things going on in my life.

And I still get that exciting buzz as I sit on the train making my way down to the capital.


My most recent trip to London was probably my favorite though. I was lucky enough to be invited to watch Aladdin The Musical in the West End and it

didn’t disappoint! I thought I would chat about the things I got up to while in London and let you guys know why you need to be doing the same…

So, I had a busy day scheduled in London but this day was exciting for me because I decided I was going to film it for my very first vlog which you can watch HERE. It was a beautiful morning and really felt like summer was on its way as I stared out of my train window getting closer to Kings Cross, a place I never get tired of, especially with the buzz and that spectacularly designed ceiling. If you pull into Kings Cross I’m sure you know what I mean and if you don’t then go to Kings Cross and look up!


My first stop on this day was at BXR London, a brand new gym that’s actually just opened. Making my way through the hustle and bustle to get my boxing gloves on for a real intense boxercise was definitely worth it. Always enjoy a workout to start my day.


Once I had blitzed my work out and refuelled at the gym every own Joe & The Juice I was off to meet a good friend of my for lunch. One of my favourite things about London is the amount of places you can eat and drink at on every street, every corner the possibilities are endless for your tastebuds. I am forever finding incredible little spots to eat and catch up with friends, you will never go hungry in our beautiful city.


After I had lunch I went for a spot of shopping on that all famous street…

Oxford Street. This is an absolute must if you’re in London – full of shops, bars and restaurants. I also just love seeing all the different fashion styles people wear. You can wear what you want in London and nobody will batter an eyelid, just how it should be!

The afternoon started to turn into the evening and I had a real treat in store, I was heading to the West End to watch Aladdin The Musical. Actually only the second time I’ve visited the West End.

As I made my way through London I was trying to think of the last time I watched Aladdin as a kid. It must have been over 10 years ago so I felt like I was coming to the show totally new to it. The excitement started building as I turned the corner and saw the billboards and a whole host of people gathering at the doors making their way inside the theatre. I arrived, collected my tickets and made my way down to the auditorium, taking in the most amazing interior.




The show was insane from start to finish, nothing like I’ve ever seen before!Each member of the cast were incredible, the outfits were unreal and the production was just something else! Just thinking about it now I actually felt like I was watching a movie. The way they created each scene was so realistic.



After the show, I was even invited backstage by Disney to see how the incredibly detailed costumes were designed. To sum the experience up, what a show and what a night!

Definitely check out Aladdin The Musical if you’re in London or fancy a fun day or evening in the big city. Entirely worth the trip!

Grab your tickets for Aladdin The Musical – HERE

Go treat yourself to an unforgettable evening at the Theatre!

This post is sponsored by Disney.

Backstage images provided by Disney.