How do you get your beard like that? What do you use to trim your beard? What grade do you use on your beard?…Just a few of the questions I often get asked and I have been wanting to do a post to give my tips on how I style my facial hair for a while now, so when I was asked by P&G to try out some of their brand spanking new pieces from their men’s styling range I thought what a perfect opportunity it would be to talk to you guys about how exactly I keep myself groomed and the #ArtOfPrecision that is involved in making sure your appearance is at its best.

So, with men’s grooming really being part of the majority of guys lives now whether it be facial or body hair it’s important we have the gear to do the job properly and with Braun releasing this sleek new collection of products we no longer have to worry. Below I am going to talk to you about the 3 pieces from the range I use regularly, here we go…


With facial hair/beards being an everyday look now for most men a GOOD beard trimmer is very important, what with 55% of men restyling their facial hair depending on the occasion according to a recent research. I myself have sported the bearded look for many years now and have used many different beard trimmers and I can honestly say this Braun Beard Trimmer is certainly the best I have had the pleasure of owning.
Cordless beard trimmers I often find they aren’t powerful enough to cut through my facial hair without pulling, which I’m sure some of you guys out there have probably experienced this before yourselves and it’s not a pleasant experience but with this Braun Beard Trimmer I haven’t once had this problem which has saved me a whole world of pain! Also with the ability to use this Beard Trimmer whilst charging, having the other problem of running out of battery mid-shave is a distant memory, hallelujah!
This Braun Beard Trimmer offers us guys the choice of up to 25 length settings for millimetre-precise styling which is exactly what we need to achieve our own unique looks. I myself when trimming my beard use level 4.5 on the Braun Beard Trimmer and I do that once a week making sure I go over every single hair a few times to make sure my beard is evenly trimmed all over.

The second part to my grooming regime is my neck. After I have used the Braun Beard trimmer to get my beard back to the level I want I move to the trickier stage to really clean up my look. It’s up to you wether you have your facial hair continuing onto your neck but I find for me, it looks much better with a cleaned up well shaven neck which can give more definition to your jaw line as well.
And with this impressive Multi Groomer again I have found it is the best I have used with its twisting trimmer giving you a narrow or wide option you can precisely control those edges and lines without any trouble at all. Again with how I like to keep my neck groomed I start with the twisting trimmer section of the Multi Groomer to really shorten the hair and to start shaping the jaw line section of my beard (a little tip for you guys I find going slightly lower than your actual jaw looks a lot better and more natural).
Once I have shaved my neck hair right down using the trimming section I then switch the Multi Groomer around to the shaver head with its flexible smart foil to really give that smooth, clean and close finish. I try to do this every other day but if I haven’t managed that I always make sure I do before I head to a shoot or to an event. I use to find it difficult being here there and everywhere to keep on top of it but the Multi Groomer along with the whole range is the perfect size to fit into a wash bag to take around with you on your travels.




Now the third and final part of my grooming regime ends with my body (chest and stomach) which brings me nicely to the Braun Body Groomer. It’s definitely down to own personal taste when it comes to body hair whether you like to stay natural or are like me and try keeping it to a minimum this piece of grooming equipment is a must have.
With the Braun Body Groomer being 100% waterproof like the rest of the styling range it’s ideal in the shower to get the perfectly groomed body. You can actually choose to trim, shave or do both at the same time with this body groomer which helps to avoid any painful cuts in any painful areas. It has a 5 blade Gillette shaver head for that desired smooth body and extra small trimming teeth to safely trim any sensitive areas.

I find I mainly use the Braun Body Groomer when I am going to be somewhere without a top on so for example if I am heading on holiday or planning on swimming at the gym. I always move the Body Groomer in the direction of the hair to help avoid any ingrown hairs and I sometimes exfoliate before getting rid of the hair on my chest and stomach to get rid of any dead cells that can clog up the razor section of the Body Groomer as that can prevent you getting a close shave.



Well there you have it a little bit of an insight into my grooming regime and I hope this post answered any questions you have been wanting to ask me about my beard or manscaping process and can guide you into mastering the #ArtOfPrecision when it comes to that look you are wanting.
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