Because we are ALL worth it!

I have been wanting to do a post about this campaign ever since it was launched, just recently I found the Vogue magazine I was in for this campaign and thought it’s about time I sat down and talked more about how incredibly proud I am to a part of something so special.

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this…


If you have no idea what I am on about then where an earth have you been? It was EVERYWHERE! Basically, in February L’Orèal Paris and the Princes Trust came together to create the All Worth It campaign to launch training centres up and down the UK to help young people over come any self doubt they are suffering from and to really realise their self worth. Myself and an incredibly influential group of people came together to become ambassadors for the campaign to help raise more awareness for young people to transform their self-doubt into self worth, something I am very proud to be and something I am very passionate about.

Each ambassador has a “My Story” video about how in their life they overcame their self doubt and in my video which you can watch HERE I spoke about how growing up from the age of 8 to 15 I was in a professional football teams academy and then was told I wasn’t good enough and released into a world where I had no idea what I was going to do after growing up thinking I was going to be a pro footballer. The rejection at 15 really hit me hard sending me off the rails and in a serious lack of confidence, I managed to eventually over come that with time and used that rejection and pain I felt then to motivate myself later in life to really push myself to become something and prove a lot of people wrong who quite frankly thought I would be a waste of space when I left school.

Lifting the mood after getting a bit deep just then haha I will never forget turning up to Piccadilly Circus in a cab to see myself on the huge billboard along side the other ambassadors, it really was something special and something I am so grateful for the whole hype around the campaign launch was amazing but I really didn’t want to just be the guy on the billboards and in the magazines and not actually help these young people at the centres so I have been volunteering at the princes trust centre in London with the young people, it’s so rewarding and I’m wanting to do much, much more down there with them to help in anyway I can as I feel like I can really relate to some of their feelings from back when I was their age and not only that I feel like its giving me more confidence too because like anyone I am still working on myself to be a better person each and every day.

I want you to know that you can be anything you put your mind to in life! No matter how crazy people think you are for the dreams and visions you have I promise you if you fully believe in yourself, work hard, work smart and never give up even if it feels like you’re not making any moves I promise you it will pay off! And remember slow progress is better than no progress. Whatever you are going through in life right now I promise you it will get better, it may not seem like it will right now but each and everyday it will get better and in a years time you will look back and realise you are in a much better place than you were before. I wake up everyday with one thought on my mind and that is to be better than I was yesterday, mentally and physically, to better my life, to better my family and close friends lives.

What we are doing and have done is opened up confidence training centres up and down the UK to help thousands of young people but also we know many may not be able to visit one of the centres, so you can also do the confidence training online on the princes trust site – HERE

We want to help young people take the first steps to realising their worth, help with their interview skills, body language and confidence building all things to give these young people the best chance at succeeding in life to achieve their goals.







I have to give a big thank you to my L’Orèal family for wanting me to be a part of the campaign and for continuing to allowing me to experience great things in life.

Keep chasing your dreams and believing in yourself.