For the past I don’t know how many years I have owned a mattress that quite honestly may as well have been made out of concrete but I got used to it and in the end I didn’t mind it too much. Then things changed and one day Leesa got in touch with me to see how I’d feel about owning one of their mattresses and quite honestly I snapped their hand off at the opportunity, it was time to see what I had been missing for all these years.

My new double Leesa mattress arrived a month ago now to give me enough time to try the mattress out before letting you guys know my thoughts. The mattress which is engineered with three premium foam layers arrived in a box that I kind of looked at and wondered how my new mattress could possibly be in there. But the setting up process is super easy and once you have removed it from the box you simply unwrap it and roll it out onto your bed to let it expand and you’re all set to experience a whole new comfort when you sleep.


I sat on my new Leesa mattress once I’d got it on my bed and couldn’t believe how soft and comfortable it was, I sank right in which my old one didn’t allow. Now I was excited to see how much better my sleep was actually going to be. After a few nights of great sleep I noticed a difference straight away but it seemed to soften up even more and became some how even more comfortable to which now when I’m away I come home and forget that I actually have a new mattress and when I jump into bed at night the softness surprises me and just relaxes me ready for sleep straight away. I can now really feel the mattress providing core support throughout the night and I roll out of bed feeling relaxed and ache free.


My first foam mattress, my first Leesa mattress and I can honestly say I’ve never slept better.

If you have been thinking about getting a new mattress or even if you haven’t I would really recommend getting one of Leesa’s and if you aren’t as impressed as I am you can even hand it back with their 100-night risk-free trail.

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All in all I’ve been super impressed with my Leesa mattress the past month and I can’t wait to see how much more my sleep will improve the longer I have it.