Hello again

This post is about one of my most classy outfits that I’ve put together and probably the best outfit to date. It’s a killer look!

The way the colours in this outfit complement each other is out of this world.

I picked up the trousers and waistcoat from Topman but couldn’t find a blazer to match, however, I knew I could get a blazer or overcoat that would work perfectly elsewhere, so I had to get them.








What I ended up doing was trying the trousers and waist coat with my camel overcoat and was instantly impressed with the combination. The camel overcoat is definitely a must have in your wardrobe, it will take your style to the next level no matter what you wear it with.

On my feet are the brown suede double monk straps shoes gifted by MeerminMallorca.

I’m a massive fan of monk strap shoes and any gent with any sense of style will know they make a big difference with a suit, adding that extra piece of style. This suede pair matched perfectly with the colour and texture of my trousers, so it was a no brainer to wear them with this outfit.

The finer details begin with my brown dotted tie from Burton, when it comes to ties I tend to stick to the classic styles. I personally think the skinny tie has had its day.

The shirt could have been white or blue, I tried both but the baby blue really made the difference, adding a little splash of something extra to the whole look.

This look, I must admit, is probably my favourite. I love wearing suits and I will be blogging about many more outfits like the one I have just described.

Coat – Burton

Waistcoat – Topman

Trousers – Topman

Shirt – Topman

Tie – Burton

Shoes – MeerminMallorca